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Welcome to Hanna. 


From the restaurateur behind the wildly popular North comes Hanna -- an updated and casual approach to Vietnamese cuisine that focuses on soul-satisfying noodle comfort dishes served in an appealingly modern and easy setting. 


The menu, crafted by self-taught chef Hanna, is a culinary trip of the familiar tastes of Vietnam. Hanna's passion for everything food-related and her desire to share it comes through in every transformative bit -- food so good, you will return for more. And then you become friends and family to Hanna.

Your happiness becomes her happiness. 


So, whether you crave a perfumed bowl of steaming pho or sumptuous grilled chicken with vibrant fresh herbs and greens atop cool vermicelli noodles, the flavors of Hanna will transport you to a faraway yet familiar place and satisfy your hunger and spirits.


Welcome home.

Your Bowl, Your Way

With over 20 customizable options, our Signtature Hanna Noodle Bowl is made just for you. Stop by with your friends and family and enjoy a delicious, personalized bowl of noodles for everyone!

A Taste of Vietnam

From phở to bún to banh mì, you'll find a wide variety of some of Vietnam's tastiest dishes, all  with a modern twist.